April 7, 2020

Amplify: A central hub for our patrons and artists to stay connected and inspired.

In the week following Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts’ temporary closure, we put our heads together to decide how we can continue fulfilling our mission during these times. We discussed how the new normal impacts everyone from the audience to artists to technicians to house staff to bartenders to retail workers, and beyond. This delicate ecosystem has been disturbed, but we remain resilient and creative like our artists and our patrons.  

Our answer? A place where we can continue to provide the curated experiences that you have come to expect from the Center. We are passionate about continuing to support the artists we all love during this unstable time. This space provides us the opportunity to highlight some of the beautiful experiences that our artists, patrons, and volunteers have experienced at the Center. It is where we will keep you connected to our artists and give you fun insights into what we’re planning for the future.

Amplify is the Center’s commitment to showcasing our artists, collaborators, and friends in the arts community near and far.

Amplify is our platform to showcase incredible artists during social distancing and isolation.

Amplify is a safe space for dialogue and curiosity around performing arts.

Amplify gives visibility to our community members who need our support and who are adapting to this time in very creative ways.

Over the next few months, we are dedicated to keeping you connected to arts and culture, lifting your spirits, introducing you to new ideas, reminding you of your favorite memories, and most importantly supporting our artists.

Let’s Amplify our local artists, businesses, and communities together!

If you have any suggestions please contact us at [email protected].