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Aida Cuevas presents 45th Anniversary / Yo Creo Que Es Tiempo, an unforgettable and emotional concert celebrating a long-lasting career as Mexico’s most important female voice: “The Queen of Mariachi.” She is joined by the renowned Mariachi Aztlán, along with other special guests. A Grammy® winner and master of the mariachi art song, Cuevas has led one of the most important careers in traditional Mexican music. For this special performance, Cuevas will perform her most beloved songs, including “El Pastor” and “Mexico en la piel,” and her greatest hits, “Te Doy Las Gracias” and “Quizás Mañana.” 

With a 46-year career and 41 album releases to her credit, Cuevas is an esteemed figure in Mexico, beloved for her unswerving devotion to traditional mariachi music and for her mastery of its demanding vocal forms. She has created one of the most important careers in traditional Mexican music, winning a Grammy® and Latin Grammy® alongside an additional 11 Grammy® nominations in the Best Mariachi/Ranchero Album category. 

“Cuevas is to Mexico what Aretha Franklin is to the United States: a powerful voice that encapsulates the essence of her nation’s spirit.” — The Kansas City Star 

“Aida Cuevas is Mexico’s most important female voice celebrating a long-lasting career, leaving a remarkable imprint in the history of Mexican music.” — Broadway 


Cuevas became the first female singer in the mariachi genre to win a Grammy® when she was honored at the 2018 awards for Best Regional Mexican Music Album for her studio album Arrieros Somos (Versiones Acústicas). The album is a collection of acoustic versions of Mexican classics by renowned composer Cuco Sánchez.  She previously won a Latin Grammy® for Best Tango Album for her 2010 release De Corazón a Corazón…Mariachi Tango. 

Her latest releases, Antología de la Música Ranchera, Vol. I and Vol. 2, are two studio albums produced during the pandemic, both of which earned Grammy® and Latin Grammy® nominations in 2020 and 2021, respectively. 

A master of the mariachi art song, Cuevas performs a full range of mariachi numbers, including the falsetto heavyweight “El Pastor,” the iconic hits “Te Doy Las Gracias” and “Quizás Mañana,” and new songs from Totalmente Juan Gabriel Vol. II, including “Gracias Por Todo” and “Buscando el Séptimo Amor.” Cuevas also performs many ranchero classics, such as “Traición a Juan,” “Toro Relajo,” “Los Laureles,” and “No Me Amenaces.” 


Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts | Virginia G. Piper Theater
7380 E 2nd St
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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