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COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

New protocols have been implemented as of October 1, 2021 for all patrons attending performances at the Scottsdale Center. This may impact your entry.

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Lilly is a young girl blessed with an extraordinary lineage. Her father, Max, and her grandfather, George, are both gifted storytellers. Every night, before bed, she gets to wander off into an unexplored universe created solely for her. Unforeseen events throw these three generations into a twirling journey through both universes. The final story is one that lasts a lifetime. 

Bedtime Stories is inspired and conspired by the world. This dark, coming-of-age, live radio-play in theatre is an exploration and experiment to discover the ancient forces behind the narrative—an homage to the imagination, technology, and the struggles of life itself. Actor Thomas Dudkiewicz plays the roles of Lilly, Max, and George.

This performance is intended for audience members 18 years old or older.

Thomas Dudkiewicz studied theatre at the Theatre Academy of Maastricht, where he founded the performance collective URLAND with Jimi Zoet, Ludwig Bindervoet, and Marijn de Jong. URLAND has been an artist-in-residence at Theater Rotterdam since 2017 and has created numerous performances, interactive video games, and a thriving art scene at music festivals centered around global themes like the digital revolution, the importance of art, and what it means to be human. Life art in digital times is their credo. Dudkiewicz’s solo performances center around the power of storytelling and experimenting with the combination of voice and soundscape to create the perfect proverbial soup to fuel the imagination. 

URLAND is a performance-collective. URLAND works autonomously. URLAND knows no hierarchy, there is no director. URLAND designs the set. URLAND creates the sound. URLAND writes the text. URLAND is on stage. URLAND experiments. URLAND refers, quotes, and samples. URLAND sees technology as a means, not an end. URLAND believes in live art in digital times. 

Concept and performance: Thomas Dudkiewicz  

Final director: Ludwig Bindervoet  

Set design: Marijn de Jong  

Light design: Marijn de Jong  

Sound design: Jimi Zoet, Tomas Loos 



Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts | Stage 2
7380 E 2nd St
Scottsdale, 85251

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