Yamato The Drummers of Japan World Tour 2017–18 Chousensha/The Challengers

Sat, Mar 3, 2018

2:00 pm | 8:00 pm


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About This Event

Yamato has captivated audiences around the world with its exhilarating blend of ancient and modern taiko drumming. Performing with traditional wadaiko drums, the Japanese ensemble is known for creating a mesmerizing, rhythmic sound that stirs the hearts of people everywhere. Visually stunning and physically rigorous, the drummers’ flawlessly synchronized percussion is a one-of-a-kind experience that reverberates with spirituality, warmth and grace.

Featuring dynamic choreography and costumes by international fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto, Yamato’s newest program, The Challengers, is a thundering anthem that inspires both performer and audience to test their own limits.

Part of the 2017–18 Discovery Japan Series

Dates & Times

The Drummers of Japan World Tour 2017–18
Saturday, March 3, 2 p.m. Tickets
Saturday, March 3, 8 p.m. Tickets