November 10, 2020

Movement Source Dance Company dancers

As soon as lockdown hit, there was an influx of creativity and drive to explore alternative ways to showcase movement and performance work in this environment. Personally, I’ve never been more inspired by the resiliency of our performing arts community far and near than right now.

Director of Movement Source Dance Company and local dance advisor for the Center, MaryAnne Herding was likewise inspired to create a work that was accessible even through quarantining measures. MaryAnne and I were especially moved by the new work, PARKED created by Jacob Jonas The Company, who was recently in our community for a residency and public performance last season. We quickly came together to produce a drive-in style performance later developed into Reconnect!, directed by MaryAnne Fernandez-Herding and Susan Pine Harris.

Movement Source company dancers on-site at rehearsal.

There were plenty of fun surprises and turns this project took throughout the longer than normal planning process, from location hunting to working with live musicians. Movement Source dancers, “loved rehearsing outside under the night sky—the moon and stars, the breeze, the open space is so awesome!” commented MaryAnne. Of course, as with many new ventures, there were some challenges to overcome such as rehearsals with masks, dancing on concrete, and lots of planning with the city of Scottsdale. However, dancers noted, “once we start moving, especially to the live music, we forget all that and just enjoy dancing together.”

Press play to watch behind-the-scenes clip.

Reconnect! The Parking Lot Dance Project will be running Nov. 13 and 14, 2020. Tickets are currently sold out.

Program information: Reconnect! The Parking Lot Dance Project
Featuring: Movement Source Dance Company
Directed by: Mary Anne Fernandez Herding and Susan Pine Harris
Dancers: Omaya Ahmad, Kelly Alifano, Mack Atencia, Thomas Blee Carlyle, MaryAnne Fernandez Herding , Kristen Hugins, Susan Pine Harris, Jennifer Kaufman Fourness, Kelly Martell Scovel, Khala Tarrant, and Nikki Turner.
Rehearsal Director: Dorothy Pace
Music: Drew Bollmann, guitarist and vocals; original score for “Explore” and “Reconnect.”
Music: Tobie Milford, violinist
Music Artist Credit: Billy Lockett, Radiohead, Frank Sinatra

Chaos Opening Choreography: guest, Jessica Starr
Reflect Second Section Choreography: Mary Anne Fernandez Herding
Explore Third Section Choreography: Omaya Ahmad, Mack Atencia, Mary Anne Fernandez Herding, Khala Tarrant, Nikki Turner
Reconnect Fourth Section Choreography: Susan Pine Harris

Company members contributed movement to all of the work.

Special thanks to Movement Source Dance Company Board Members, donors, patrons, friends, family, and supporters! Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Scottsdale Arts, and Canal Convergence, Dance Theater West, Lawrence Fung, Stephen Perry, and Michael Simon.

Movement Source Dance Company season is supported in part by Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture and Arizona Commission on the Arts Dance Theatre West, AZDEO.

Movement Source is a 501c3 non profit organization

Take a look at our 2020-21 contemporary dance season and join us at one of the many performances happening in 2021!

Diandra Adamczyk, Senior Programming Coordinator

Written by Diandra Adamczyk, senior programming coordinator.

Adamczyk oversees much of the local programming and community engagement events at the Center.

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