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About the event

Balloonacy is a tender, uplifting, laugh-out-loud comedy show. Sweet, inventive, and packed with physical comedy, this family-friendly play explores the power of friendship and shows how, with a little imagination and acceptance, companionship is everywhere. A mischievous balloon finds its way into the home of a solitary man, and suddenly his curmudgeonly life is interrupted, a single balloon changing his life forever. 

Written by Barry Kornhauser
Directed by José Casas
Performed by Ricky Araiza

Title Partner:

Family Series Sponsor:
Tiffany and Bosco

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Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts | Stage 2
7380 E 2nd St
Scottsdale, 85251

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cabaret section

The Cabaret section will be standing/sitting on the floor with General Admission.