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Martha Redbone is one of today’s most vital voices in American Roots music. A multi award-winning musician, her latest CD, The Garden of Love – Songs of William Blake, is an unexpected twist featuring Martha’s magnificent voice, Blake’s immortal words, and a masterful cornucopia of roots music. The New Yorker calls it “a brilliant collision of cultures.”

Librettist and composers Martha Redbone and Aaron Whitby created Bone Hill: The Concert, a devised, interdisciplinary musical theater work that brings to light an important piece of American history that has never been told. In its current Song Cycle iteration, Redbone becomes the characters from four generations of a family in the hills of coal-mining Appalachia, and the musicians are the townsfolk. In telling their stories, the audience is taken on an epic, unexpected American exploration of family, history, and cultural identity.

Inspired by her own life and the women Redbone is descended from, the lives of the Bone family members are told in songs that span a swathe of American music telling a parallel history. From traditional Cherokee chants and lullabies to bluegrass, blues, country, gospel, jazz, rock ’n’ roll, and R&B.


Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts | Virginia G. Piper Theater
7380 E 2nd St
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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